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Downtown Independent Democrats Endorse Howie Hawkins for Governor

I have to hand it to the DID otherwise known as the Downtown Independent Democrats–one of NYC’s better known democratic clubs.

Since 1971, the D.I.D. has been committed to making the NY Democratic Party a vehicle for meaningful, progressive policy and empowering our communities. We remain committed to those goals and to the Democratic Party. However, our commitment to meaningful progressive policy makes it impossible for us to support the current Democratic nominee for governor.

And with that said, you have a democratic club endorsing the Green Party candidate for the office of Governor of New York State. I must say that the DID never ceases to amaze and impress me with the candidates that they back. In 2006, the club supported Jonathan Tasini in his run against then Senator Clinton in the Democratic Primary. Before that I came to know them by their support of then Assemblyman Scott Stringer as he ran for Manhattan Borough President.

It is my hope that the DID will help increase the vote for the Green Party on their line so that they remain on the ballot. Besides my support of the Working Families Party it’s good to see the Greens in New York are making strides.