Scott Walker calls Wisconsin workers terrorists

It’s a pretty lame thing to do but the governor of Wisconsin went ahead and jumped the shark at CPAC today.  In an email I recieved from the group Action for the Common Good: Tonight, in front of a crowd of conservative supporters, Scott Walker compared Wisconsin workers to terrorists, saying, “If I can take



Millennials need to stay away from Wall Street

Wall Street is thinking of ways to get the money that millenials may inherit from their parents in the ensuing years.  The scary part is, they could be so hopped up on this “sharing economy” that they may not roll all of that dough into perfectly sensible investments like stocks, triple-leveraged inverse ETFs or synthetic



The 1 percent really don’t like competition

For all the talk on the right about free markets and competition; I find it absolutely peculiar that many of these so-called market fundamentalists fail to grasp that the economic elite favor the exact opposite. In a recent essay in The Economist this fact is stated plainly: Although the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 outlawed



2015: How many homeless people are there in the United States?

Personally I would’ve put the number at somewhere near one or two million, but the number given below actually surprised me. There are currently 578,424 homeless people living in the United States, a third of whom have no shelter at all. As temperatures start to fall across the country, they are an extremely vulnerable population, even in

Working Families Party


So you lost a midterm election

As bad as things may seem remember a few things. A lot of the seats that were up for grabs were in conservative states. I can’t fathom why Maryland would elect a Republican governor but oh well. The truth is that both political parties are miserable failures. Progressives work hard to elect Democrats because the