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Support child-free not childless

Great article. Here’s a rather good excerpt.

I mean, for fuck’s sake, if Condoleezza Rice—an incredibly accomplished person who held a government office so high ranking that only 67 other people in the history of everyone who’s ever lived in the United States can say they’ve had—is still reduced to a pre-pregnant woman by being asked if she’d consider her life fulfilled even if she doesn’t have kids, what hope could I have to be left alone on this whole child-having business?

Not a lot, especially when New York magazine just ran a piece earlier this month featuring 25 famous women who do not have kids, yet used the term “childless” in their headline.

So instead of using the right wing conservative pro-life term of “childless,” instead say that you are child-free and happy. Having a child is a huge responsibility that isn’t for everyone and we should be supporting people who are smart enough to know that the task of child rearing isn’t for them.