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Depression may shrink your brain

Looks like I better get my major depressive disorder under control.

MELBOURNE: Chronic depression may shrink the hippocampus, a brain area responsible for forming new memories, a new global study of nearly 9,000 people has warned. The brains of people with recurrent depression have a significantly smaller hippocampus than healthy individuals, researchers said.

Source: Depression may shrink your brain: Study – The Times of India

Sadly the American Revolution was an elitist one

But the actual politics of the American Revolution are too often obscured by these kinds of self-serving reinterpretations, argues author William Hogeland. The American Revolution was not a noble war fought in the service of progressive democracy, destined to irrigate the entire planet with its ideology of inalienable freedoms. Nor was it a social revolution from below. Rather, it was the first chapter in an inter-imperial war between Great Britain and its dissident elites in North America. And the American state, even in its earliest incarnations, was more concerned with limiting popular democracy than securing and expanding it.

Source: Not Our Independence Day