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Blackwater finally punished for 2007 killings in Iraq

The privatization of the American military should have never happened. Whether it was Halliburton and their truck drivers, CACI and their interrogators or Blackwater’s mercenaries murdering people in Iraq, nothing good has come from this neoliberal experiment.

At least when it comes to the abuses of Blackwater some justice is being meted out.

From a court verdict that just came down today about an incident that took place back in 2007 in Iraq in which Blackwater mercenaries murdered 14 unarmed Iraqis.

The guilty verdicts on murder, manslaughter and gun charges marked a sweeping victory for prosecutors, who argued in an 11-week trial that the defendants fired recklessly and out of control in a botched security operation after one of them falsely claimed to believe the driver of an approaching vehicle was a car bomber. Jurors rejected the guards’ claims that they were acting in self-defense and were the target of incoming AK-47 gunfire.

For some time I remember reading that military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan were exempt from The Uniform Code of Military Justice. Apparently this changed via an amendment to the UCMJ that took effect at the beginning of 2007.