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Obama, give me five.

Cuban Five that is. It’s actually ridiculous that there are still members of this group imprisoned for no good reason.

The Cuban 5 are five Cuban nationals who worked in South Florida to observe the activities of far right-wing Cuban exiles who had for years been mounting armed actions against Cuba, in which thousands of Cuban citizens have been killed. Information they had gathered was passed to the F.B.I. by the Cuban government in the hopes that it would act to put a stop to these illegal activities by the exiles. Instead, the F.B.I. arrested the Cuban 5 and, after a farcical trial, they were condemned to long prison sentences. By now they have been imprisoned for sixteen years. There have been worldwide appeals on their behalf, as the cause of the Cuban 5 has grown into a huge international campaign with involvement of labor unions in a number of countries.

While one could say that they were spying, there’s nothing diabolical about what happened. It seems to me that the FBI would rather support right wing terrorism and spy on Muslims!