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Amazon kills its employees


The dirty laundry aired about Amazon’s workforce and corporate structure paint the company to be ruthless and unyielding when it comes to employee’s dedication to work. In the wake of the parental leave moves by Netflix and similar companies, it looks downright Draconian. But change has to come within, and the churn and burn of Amazon’s employees likely won’t cease unless Bezos steps away from his data and listens to voices like Cheiffetz.

Source: How Amazon forced a new mother and cancer survivor to resign

Allegheny Technologies Unfairly Locks Out Steelworkers from Their Jobs

After the previous contract expired, workers agreed to continue working under existing terms while negotiations for a new contract continued. But ATI hired an outside security firm and trained replacement workers for the lockout. This isn’t exactly the response one would expect given how open the steelworkers have been in trying to reach agreement with ATI. Management spent months publicly complaining about the challenges ATI faces in the current economic environment. USW listened to those concerns and put forth a package of commonsense solutions that would have balanced millions of dollars in savings for the company with good, stable, family-sustaining jobs for workers.

Source: Allegheny Technologies Unfairly Locks Out Steelworkers from Their Jobs

At Gawker money controls journalism

It sent a message, he said, that his responsibility as executive editor was meaningless, and that “true power over editorial resides in the whims of the four cringing members of the managing partnership’s Fear and Money Caucus.”

As for the merits of the removed article, Mr. Craggs wrote, “This isn’t the place to debate the merits of that story, other than to say that I stand by the post.”

Source: 2 Gawker Editors Resign Over Article’s Removal

Tell the CFPB: Rein in student loan servicers!

41 million of us are feeling the pain of paying back student loans. None of us deserve higher loan payments or shoddy treatment from servicers.

Thankfully, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is in a position to create new rules to protect borrowers from harmful loan servicing practices. But many profitable servicing firms have been lobbying aggressively against any change in the status quo.

Source: Tell the CFPB: Rein in student loan servicers!