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The death of the PC


I’ve been doing some thinking about the future of computing and I think it is safe to say that the PC and server will eventually end up being niche markets. This process has been underway since the introduction of the first really powerful smartphones and tablets were introduced to the market accompanied by the universal adoption of cloud computing infrastructure.

With Microsoft now allowing iOS users to fully utilize all of their Office apps for free; this will only hasten the shift in personal computing from PC’s to smaller devices. The reason I really started thinking about this was because I was entertaining the thought of getting a Mac Book Pro but then realized the computer I currently have allows me to do everything I need to do already.

The reason I still need a PC is because I do a lot of coding and graphic design. I also need a PC to administer the network where I work which is a Windows Server environment that also runs Microsoft Exchange for e-mail. My current laptop PC is a 64–bit, Intel Core i7 class computer with 8GB of RAM. The Mac Book Pro is a gorgeous machine and has 24GB of RAM but what would I really gain from using it over the PC and iPad combination I’m using now?

More and more I’m happy just to use my iPad for personal computing–leaving the laptop PC at home or in the office. The other thing to realize is that you don’t even have to upgrade your tablet that often. The iPad Air does everything that the newer iPad Air 2 can do. If you look at the numbers one would see that the old iPad 2 has the most market share.

So what’s happening is the fact that we’re upgrading our hardware less. The future appears to be one that will be focused on software running in the cloud and the Internet of Things. Which does present some security issues of course, but then there’s the private cloud or dedicated server hosting options to explore too.

Photo by goobimama