Millennials need to stay away from Wall Street

Wall Street is thinking of ways to get the money that millenials may inherit from their parents in the ensuing years.  The scary part is, they could be so hopped up on this “sharing economy” that they may not roll all of that dough into perfectly sensible investments like stocks, triple-leveraged inverse ETFs or synthetic



Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: Shrinking middle class worst in nation

So this is the person that Republicans may put forth as their nominee for the presidency in 2016.  The Pew Charitable Trust report showed Wisconsin with the largest decline in the percentage of families considered “middle class,” or those earning between 67 and 200 percent of their state’s median income. – via Conservatives are



The new hipster: Sleep in your car in San Fran!

Ever wanted to be hip? Were you one of the uncool kids in school? Did you ever see those hipster kids and envied them for their trendiness?  Well now you can start a new trend all by yourself. Yes that’s right head to San Francisco and don’t rent anything but sleep in your car! Renting converted


Working Families Party


So you lost a midterm election

As bad as things may seem remember a few things. A lot of the seats that were up for grabs were in conservative states. I can’t fathom why Maryland would elect a Republican governor but oh well. The truth is that both political parties are miserable failures. Progressives work hard to elect Democrats because the