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Sustainability Milestone Meeting March 17th 2011

A Wal-Mart supplier in hot water

When you’re a supplier for Wal-Mart you end up becoming a contortionist, bending to the whims of the mega-retailer. It is the big-box store’s control of global supply chains that often lead to workplace abuse and environmental degradation as suppliers perpetrate a race to the bottom, producing goods at the lowest price point possible. On

Sustainability Milestone Meeting March 17th 2011

Where your $5.97 Wal-Mart shirt comes from

From a factory in Bangladesh to a Walmart store near you – the story of a $5.97 t-shirt. This video takes a look at Walmart’s history of worker mistreatment – including below federal poverty level wages, intimidation and poor health and safety standards. We must fight for dignity, health and safety, freedom of association and