Why can’t NGO’s play with the USTR?

I found this post rather interesting. It would appear that there are corporations that object to NGO’s sitting on the ITAC and working with the United States Trade Representative.

Two witnesses who function as ITAC chairmen testified that the increased presence of NGOs onMonogamy ITAC could dilute the effectiveness of the ITAC system, a claim echoed by some Republican members of the subcommittee.

Weird huh?

The Trade Advisory Committees (TACs) are (mostly) corporate, who get privileged access to USTR and negotiating documents – including lots of stuff that Congress and the public don’t even get to see.)

We need to have NGO’s working with the USTR to counter balance corporate America. Trade is extremely important concerning many issues related to social justice and &c. Weed need trade policies that aren’t going to treat people like numbers, inputs or commodities. This is where NGO”s can play an important role.