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Why the downfall of the U.S. healthcare industry is to be welcomed

I must say I was quite surprised to hear Wendell Potter quote the current CEO of Aetna saying, “the system doesn’t work. It’s broke today.” “The end of insurance companies, the way we’ve run the business in the past, is here.” We can only hope that their downfall is close at hand. Although it probably

Congrats to the Senate Judiciary Committee on S. 369

On October 15th, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted out S. 369 (here is the bill), the ban on pay-for-delay settlements between brand-name pharmaceutical manufacturers and generic-drug companies.  The purpose and result of these settlements is that the generic drugs come to market later.  This means that patients and insurers must wait to have access to

Wyeth paying people to write favorable journal articles

Pharma: Drug Maker Accused Of Paying Ghostwriters To Pen Journal Articles A drug company is accused of paying ghostwriters to write favorable articles about their drugs — even after one drug was shown to raise the risk of cancer. Drug maker Wyeth paid ghostwriters to write medical journal articles that were favorable to its female