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Google celebrates Berlin Wall collapse but not in China

Google celebrates Berlin Wall collapse but not in China

I was curious as to what the homepages of Google China and Google Hong Kong would be displaying in light of the fact that in the West it appears we’re supposed to be celebrating the collapse of the U.S.S.R. Elsewhere. . . Even the homepage for Google India mentions the Berlin Wall collapse. So is

The Chromebook is everything the NSA could want

Oh, Google. But Haswell won’t mitigate paranoia over cloud security and compliance, of course. Google has taken many steps forward in easing businesses’ concerns over the security of Google Apps over the past few years. But the revelations about the NSA and FBI’s PRISM program have added new doubts, particularly outside the US, about the wisdom


To be let go from the worst job at Google…

I found this interesting story via Slashdot about what has to be the most depressing job one could have at Google—or quite possibly anywhere. This is a side of Google and the Internet that no one really talks about.  Imagine having to filter out the most horrid and vile content on the web known to

@google adwords major #fail

Google’s filtering capabilities is too smart for its own good. Here it bans the ad of writer for The Nation. Perhaps Joseph Heller or some other master of dark comedy would have enjoyed this. I just received e-mail notice from Google that it has suspended an online ad for my new book, which raises questions

Google a monopoly?

“Having prosecuted the Microsoft case, its seems to me that Google, as a monopoly, is engaging in the same tactics to keep its dominant position as Microsoft was engaging in,” Miller says. “Those are the same tactics that got Microsoft in trouble.” via DOJs Microsoft prosecutor: Google is a monopoly – Mar. 31, 2011. The