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China cab drivers have their own Uber problem

China cab drivers have their own Uber problem

Taxi drivers in Guangzhou aren’t too happy with the way their sector has been changing. They are seeing their livelihoods dwindle after the introduction of Uber-like services and “black taxis” which are sort of like the NYC dollar cab. Most of the 40,000 taxi cab drivers have actually been on strike. Their demands appear to


How China will finally beat the United States of America

I look at it as a government and economy being inclusive versus being extractive. This was the main thesis of the book Why Nations Fail. The question of work styles may become intense as China becomes a developed country. China is a mercantilist country led by an elite focused on maximizing the country’s economic wealth


Riots in China

Riots in China’s ethnically divided Xinjiang region on Wednesday left 27 people dead, according to state media which said police opened fire on “knife-wielding mobs”. It was the latest spasm of violence to hit the troubled western region, which is about…