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Why banks make more money than Apple and Exxon combined

Why banks make more money than Apple and Exxon combined

I would place a wager–similar to the one that the banks placed on subprime loans in the last decade–on a bet that the public in general doesn’t realize how much money banks are making off of student loans. They are making a killing. Yet, in his article entitled “The Legacy of Debt”, sociologist David Fasenfest


Apple received illegal state aid from Europe

Apple Computers Inc. and a bunch of other corporations received illegal state aid from European countries in avoiding their tax obligations. On Monday, the European Commission released a 21-page letter in which it alleges that Ireland and corporate giant Apple have been benefiting from a special tax deal for decades. Tax agreements, signed in 1990


When inequality finally hits rockbottom

Harvard researchers are seeing that the 1 percent will finally have to relent on their greed and addiction to profit maximization; or else the United States will have fallen too far. From Wapo: Porter said this week that three forces will drive business leaders to change: They need  skilled workers. They need American workers to

Electronics: Willing to wait if it meant better labor conditions

It would seem from a poll that the National Consumers League conducted; that people would be willing to wait for new electronics if it meant that workers had better working conditions. After Apple made headlines over working conditions at factories in China, a survey commissioned by the National Consumers League, a nonprofit advocacy group, found