Stay away from H & R Block and their refund anticipation loans

H & R Block is seriously pathetic.

Poor Sam didn’t take our advice. He let H&R Block do his taxes and then took out a refund anticipation loan. The money, which was deposited on an H&R Block Emerald Card, is now tied up by several inexplicable holds for transactions he didn’t make. The companies supposedly holding the funds have no clue who Sam is, or why they’d be holding his money. H&R Block’s only response is to charge Sam $2 whenever he calls their customer service line for help.

It is at this time that I’d like to mention AARP and their great program Tax Aide. If you’re working poor or middle class and don’t want to spend money at H & R Block or buy any of the tax software out there [Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner likes Turbo Tax :) ] I’d say go with AARP. AARP has been doing this program for years and I used it a lot back in Westchester County, NY (in the city of White Plains). I can use it where I am now in Arlington, VA too, but this year I only have one W-2 and not much else so I shall attempt to fill out a 1040 next weekend or something.