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Why does Senator Wyden support TPP?

Why does Senator Wyden support TPP?

It’s a shame to hear that the senator from Oregon supports neoliberal trade policies. From Democracy for America: As we shared with you on Wednesday, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is reportedly working with Republican Senator Orrin Hatch to give the president fast track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. That would allow the president to ram


Obama is outright wrong on trade and he must be stopped

President Obama recently made remarks about having to bring the Democratic base in line on trade deals. He must be fought every step of the way and the resistance must ally themselves with the right if necessary. The Clinton administration’s NAFTA deal was horrible and so was the Bush administration’s CAFTA trade deal. We don’t


The WTO doesn’t help the people of any country

Back during the 2004 democratic presidential primary debates I remember and supported then Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s motivation for getting the United States out of the World Trade Organization (WTO). He made it one of the main planks of his campaign. Even though I was and still consider myself to be a Deaniac (supporter of Howard


Could the TTIP allow GMOs into the EU?

A trade deal between the EU and the US may allow genetically modified foods (GMOs) into the European market. Among these concerns is that if the TTIP is implemented, the import re-inspection at port of entry would no longer happen because the U.S and EU food safety systems would be recognized as “equivalent,” which, for

TPP Leesburg Rally

A left-right coalition to sink the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

While I often rail against conservatism and the obstructionism of the Republican-led Congress, ultimately I am a believer that politics is still the art of what’s possible. So now that we are beginning to see conservative voices emerge in opposition to the Obama administration’s quest to pass the TPP trade deal; I’m intrigued about the

TPP Leesburg Rally

An Obama and ALEC alliance?

When Bill Clinton sought to pass NAFTA, he did it by ramming it down the throats of everyone who helped get him elected. His allies in labor and congressional Democrats were thrown aside as the president cozied up to the likes of Henry Kissinger and even an ailing Richard Nixon to ramp up support for

TPP Leesburg Rally

Stopping Fast-Track is One Way We Can Block TPP

Congress members introduced a bill yesterday to “fast-track” trade agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress. If passed, lawmakers would only have a small window of time to conduct hearings over binding trade provisions…

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Comparing trade agreements to the East India Company

This is such a fascinating comparison, the author of this essay compares trade agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA and the TPP to the old British East India Company. Under NAFTA, TPP and TTIP, global corporations who are unhappy with some court decision — even one from our Supreme Court — can take that issue to