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Janet Yellen says economy still in recovery. She’s right.

Janet Yellen says economy still in recovery. She’s right.

Here’s what Chairman of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen had to say about the current state of the U.S. economy: The jobless rate has fallen faster than expected, but Yellen said the economic disruption of the last five years has left millions of workers sidelined, discouraged, or stuck in part time jobs – facts that


Why the DC cab driver hates Uber

What can be done to fix it? There’s been a lot of stories written about Uber and the push back it has received from the taxicab industry. All over the world there have been mass protests by cab drivers angered by Uber and its ride sharing service UberX.  Additionally, Uber has run afoul of the


Uber has a fight on its hands in Maryland

I’ve noticed that Uber like Google is not above getting political when it comes to protecting their business. In addition to the struggles the ride-sharing company is having in Virginia , the state of Maryland also appears to be going against them. The following is from an email Uber sent out about the Maryland Public


Capital: Thomas Piketty channels Gar Alperovitz

In this excerpt from an interview with the Gothamist blog that Thomas Piketty did, he touches on the subject of property and ownership and how they can be used to democratize wealth. Q: Private property in the form of a home has always been an integral part of the American Dream. Do you think real property