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What does Macy’s have against women?


Macy’s the department store chain is up to no good in the state of Texas. Using their lobbying muscle they were able to block an equal pay bill.

The bill would have given employees who are discriminated against more time to sue in state court. Without this law, women who are paid less simply because of their gender could miss their chance to get justice before they even find out that they were discriminated against.

While the bill was able to pass the state legislature, Macy’s was able to go directly to Governor Rick Perry and get him to veto it. So what does Macy’s and Rick Perry have against women earning equal pay? This is not just an issue for feminists to get behind, it is also an issue of economic justice. Everyone should be for equal pay in this country. People who shop at Macy’s might want to look elsewhere when it comes time for the holidays.

Jason Gooljar
Jason Gooljar

yeah it's sad like I said this isn't even a feminist issue, though it is, it's an issue of economic justice too.

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