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Republican NLRB member violated ethics laws

Why am I not surprised? These ideological conservatives hate the NLRB so much that they would do anything to undermine the NLRB and destroy it from within. The board’s inspector general said the member, Terence F. Flynn, violated ethics rules by sharing confidential details on the status of pending cases and the likely votes of

India knows how to do a general strike!

If people in India can do this; what’s stopping anyone in the world? Scott Walker’s Wisconsin? Kasich’s Ohio? Corbett’s Pennsylvania? LePage’s Maine? How about Indiana? In the largest general strike since India’s independence, millions of workers went on strike Feb. 28 for stronger labor laws and to protest the rising cost of living. All 11

Giant and Safeway advertising for scab labor

I’d really hate to stop patronizing the new Super Giant on Columbia Pike in Arlington, Virginia. I remember when they first opened and I asked one of the VP’s about the union at Giant. He actually sounded positive in his answer when he told me that all Giant’s were unionized. There is a brewing conflict

Why the downfall of the U.S. healthcare industry is to be welcomed

I must say I was quite surprised to hear Wendell Potter quote the current CEO of Aetna saying, “the system doesn’t work. It’s broke today.” “The end of insurance companies, the way we’ve run the business in the past, is here.” We can only hope that their downfall is close at hand. Although it probably

The best psychological analysis of the conservative mind I’ve read

Reading Eric Alterman’s piece in The Nation. on right wing racism I came across this really good paragraph describing the conservative mind. One may or may not be surprised to learn from yet another recent study—this one published in Psychological Science—of an apparently direct correlation between low scores on childhood IQ tests and prejudiced beliefs

Romney & Marriott Sucks: Avoids paying taxes

Most hotels treat their workforce like garbage. They pay them low wages and don’t give them benefits and etc. Some hotels are hostile to union organization as well. So it makes it all the more important to highlight their tax-dodging efforts. During Romney’s tenure as a Marriott director, the company repeatedly utilized complex tax-avoidance maneuvers,

If all the undocumented workers were gone. Would people take the jobs? No.

I think this excerpt says it all right here. And while anti-immigration arguments hang on the idea that if illegal workers were barred from these jobs Americans would eagerly fill them, Smith and other farmers say this doesn’t square with reality. Cullman County is 93 percent white. Of the locals Smith has hired to replace