Monthly Archives: February 2012

Supreme Court bias against the disabled

This is a travesty. It is a shame that the United States Supreme Court would side with religious institutions referring to a “ministerial exception,” that allows for the discrimination against those with disabilities. In his majority opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts validated prior lower courts’ precedent finding a “ministerial exception,” and ruled that it covered

Staples co-founder Tom Stemberg is such an as#h%le

Seriously I love conservatives when they take provisions in a bill and come up with things like “death panels” and “lactation chambers,” I think Frank Luntz has been spoon feeding these people for too long. Stemberg doesn’t want to use capital to pay for: …provisions in the Affordable Care Act that require employers to give

Israel says private prisons violate human rights

I have to congratulate the Israeli Supreme Court on its recent ruling that private prisons are a violation of human rights. (Supreme Court President Dorit) Beinisch wrote that the incarceration of anyone was a violation of human rights but when it was done by the state, it was done for the public good. When the

Why is Oregon trying to criminalize Twitter?

It’s the oddest thing. A new law being proposed in Oregon would stop people from using electronic media to promote activities that can be considered illegal. Those activities include anything pertaining to acts of civil disobedience. It would appear this is directly aimed at Occupy Portland as Mother Jones is reporting. The bill, SB 1534, would make it

Service based jobs are the future of organizing

I was reading a post on the Atlantic’s website talking about how Latino’s were able to rebound to pre-recession levels of employment in the U.S. economy. The article states that 50 percent of new jobs since 2010 went to Latinos. The jobs they are being hired to do however are on the low-wage side of the scale

Circuit City: This day in labor history

Ah yes, I remember how horrible a move this was for Circuit City. A lot of executives like “Neutron Jack” back in his day, would put workers on the chopping block even when the company was profitable. They would look for ways to cut costs to satisfy Wall Street. In this day and age companies