The Credo SuperPac one to support?

I say you have to fight fire with fire. That’s why you have guys like David Brock of Media Matters going around trying to form these SuperPacs too. I give CREDO Mobile credit here for creating their own SuperPac that will be able to receive unlimited financial contributions.

This progressive SuperPAC is being backed by money the company aims to raise with volunteer-driven rallies, petition drives, and door knocking, Bond noted. The SuperPAC will be able to receive unlimited donations.

What the Citizen’s United v. FEC ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court did to our campaign finance system is extremely damaging. But, you can’t unilaterally disarm, because to do so would most certainly hand the opposition victory.

This actually reminds me of 2004 when you had all these groups running around forming 527’s. You had America Coming Together on the left and the Swift Boat people on the right. It’s a shame we can’t have the campaign finance system the American people deserve. Until then you have to play the game I suppose.

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