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The Credo SuperPac one to support?

I say you have to fight fire with fire. That’s why you have guys like David Brock of Media Matters going around trying to form these SuperPacs too. I give CREDO Mobile credit here for creating their own SuperPac that will be able to receive unlimited financial contributions. This progressive SuperPAC is being backed by

FDA spying on its employees?

The FDA spied on a group of scientists and doctors for two years. Why? Well, they were sort of going to go to Congress and warn them that the agency was approving risky medical devices. Information garnered this way eventually contributed to the harassment or dismissal of all six of the FDA employees, the suit

Jobs: Teens find it hard to get work

Newt Gingrich wanted to create jobs by putting a mop in the hand of every poor kid in school and fire all the janitors; I wonder what he would say about this story and the reality of the dwindling employment opportunities for teenagers? Even as the economy slowly picks up, finding a job is harder than

High turnover at Giant

  I found some interesting information from the UFCW Local 400 blog on Safeway & Giant; it pertains to the high turnover at Giant supermarkets. According to Jason, while they cite inability to meet payroll costs, store management often cuts the work hours of employees, yet the store still manages high sales volumes.  This seems


Unilever – not as clean as it claims

Update – 11/23/2013 – It seems that this post is starting to get some visitors. It’s probably because of Unilever’s new sustainability kick. As the blog Brand Channel says: The company is encouraging people to commit “acts of sunlight,” which will be translated into aid for two million children through partnerships with the World Food Programme,