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Cut head start? Sure. Cut NASCAR? No. Say Republicans

This is what it all comes down to give welfare to corporations but don’t help real people. You can easily beat a Republican at their own game by using their own ideology or party line against them. Their mantra is we can cut everything except for the programs and funding of items they like.

Enter NASCAR –

McCollum filed an amendment this month to prohibit the Defense Department from spending money to sponsor NASCAR teams, saying it’s a poor use of money given the other cuts the House was making. The amendment came as the House, led by Republicans, spent days wrestling with $60 billion in cuts to the current fiscal year’s budget.

In the days before the vote, her office logged angry calls from across NASCAR country. "There were some people that were very upset," McCollum said.

She also received a threatening and racist fax, which received widespread media attention and is being investigated by the U.S. Capitol Police. But her chief of staff said the office also received a lot of calls from tea party supporters who backed McCollum’s amendment.

This is the same thinking that would cut funding to public education but provide vouchers for private schools. The taxpayer is still paying. Of course if everyone paid their fare share like corporations then we would not have to cut as much.


Good to see the Secretary of Labor speak out against Gov Walker

Elections do matter. In the past you would have had a Secretary of Labor who would not have taken on these state governments. Now that the country has Hilda Solis as the Secretary of Labor it now gives the public a different dynamic there. She is actually doing the job first of all!

Here’s an excerpt:

But the governors in Wisconsin and Ohio aren’t just asking workers to tighten their belts, they’re demanding that they give up their uniquely American rights as workers.

Governor Walker has made himself persona non grata not only in Wisconsin but the rest of the nation now sees who he really is. You would think that John Kaisch in Ohio would get the message like the rest of the Republican governors seem to have. Elections do matter and there are consequences for electing Republicans to the Congress and to statehouses.  

Roger Ailes in trouble but News Corp. does not report it

I’m actually not surprised that News Corp. entities would not report on its Chairman forcing Judith Reagan to lie about her relationship with Bernard Kerik to protect Rudy Giuliani. It is not like News Corp. allows its holdings to produce “fair and balanced” reports anyway.

BP Paying Claim Administrator $10 Million A Year

BP is paying the man in charge of overseeing its $20 billion victim compensation fund for its devastation of the Gulf of Mexico over $10 million a year. The choice of Washington attorney Kenneth Feinberg to manage the fund in June 2010 was widely lauded at the time…

via BP Paying ‘Independent’ Disaster Claim Administrator $10 Million A Year.

How sad is this? I’m sure that the ten million dollars a year that the “independent claims adjuster” is getting from British Petroleum could well serve over 100 families effected by the Deepwater Horizon destruction. What about the people who perished on that rig? How much are their families getting? Shame.

Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and O’Reilly are union members


So let me get this straight they hate “unions” but are still members of one?

As it turns out, all three of them belong to the American Federation Television and Radio Artists union (AFTRA), which is the AFL-CIO affiliate for television and broadcast workers.

So why don’t they leave if they hate unions so much? Does this make them “union thugs” as well?

NEA-Retired Supports Wisconsin Workers

From a friend of mine:

This is a picture of Mary’s Marauders, a loyal group of our retired members who are always ready and willing to answer the call. This was at a support Wisconsin (and US!) labor rally this Tuesday at our state capitol. We have more pics on our website.

I thought this was a really great picture. It shows the breadth of the labor movement. They are regular working people not “union-thugs” like the right wing would have you believe.

Governor Scott Walker Channels Charlie Sheen

Another DC Douglas inspired video

Wisconsin “Budget Repair Bill” Protest Video

Kill the bill!

We are all from Wisconsin!

We Are Wisconsin from Finn Ryan on Vimeo.

Capping debit card swipe fees might hurt banks? Yeah right.

This is rather silly. Most of the banks that were "reeling" from the mistakes they caused in 2008 have actually turned profits and even repaid the government.

The Fed told Congress yesterday that it might rethink the plan to cap debit card swipe fees at 12 cents per swipe. One of the hopes is that merchants would be able to pass on the reduced costs to consumers in the form of lower prices. Lawmakers piled on in the hearing, saying that it would "batter banks still reeling from the 2008 financial crisis." How banks can both be posting soaring profits and still be "battered" and reeling is an accounting trick way over my head.

It seems that this is a conflict between merchants and the banks. While I’m not a fan of the big banks or big businesses. I will side with the the indy businesses and labor/consumer/planet/people friendly companies out there. Ultimately, there comes a point where merchants are going to need relief if the fees climb too high. If the fees get too high then merchants are going to pass that on to customers.